Marketing & Media to Go

Mobilize is a streamlined, stand-alone mobile marketing app for the direct sales industry. With Mobilize, you can avoid costly back-end integration and get your app in the field quickly. Once deployed, your distributors and consultants can access business presentations, view training videos, browse your catalog, and follow company-approved social networking on their iPhone or Android device, anywhere. Mobilize is perfect for the company that doesn't need a new back office, but wants to provide their distributors and consultants with mobile marketing, training, and news. Schedule a demo today!App screenshots

Modular Construction

Mobilize was designed to be ultimately flexible with modular components that can be deployed based on your preferred configuration. Available components are:

Marketing: The home screen features graphic-based marketing messages with important field-facing content like product specials, contest announcements, and event information. These messages easily link to pages on your mobile website.

Social Networking & News: Distributors and consultants can stay informed with a simple platform for delivering timely business alerts, company news, and company social media posts. Updates are aggregated into a single feed to end jumping between websites and RSS feeds.

Videos: Mobilize to enables your field to view and share videos on the go and to have a library of content ready. Streaming video support allows distributors and consultants to show product and opportunity videos to prospects and have training videos available to them at all times.

Presentations: Your company already produces compelling sales tools and presentations; Mobilize puts them in the hands of distributors and consultants wherever they are.

Audio: Distributors and consultants can have access to conference calls and other important recordings directly from their mobile devices for review during a long commute or while travelling. Audio files are streamed over the air, saving precious storage space.

Catalog: When your product catalog is available on consultants' smartphones, it's in their hands at all times! No more missed opportunities!

Key Features

  • Free iPhone & iPad application
  • Branded to your look and feel
  • Push information to the field
  • Corporate presentations and videos
  • Social networking integration
  • Flexible configuration

Allows the Field to:

  • Access company marketing and announcements.
  • View company provided multimedia content, such as trainings, opportunity presentations, conference calls, and product videos.
  • View a consolidated feed of updates and posts from social networking sites along with company messages and alerts.
  • Engage in a seamless portal into your mobile-optimized website.

"I have often recommended ByDesign to other companies in the industry, and remain a very satisfied customer. On top of all the benefits of dealing with the ByDesign team—simplicity, functional consistency, flexibility—the pricing structure is the best in the industry."

Michael J. Collins,